Day 31 – Rainy mood

Summer rainy days are ahead. This is a little bad since they ruin my plans for getting out with my moutnain bike. But let’s use this time doing things inhouse like learning or just rest.

This picture is edited with Snapseed and as you can see, it can add some pretty cool effects to the picture.

Oh, and I just realised that there is 1 month since I started the project and I am very happy that I could manage it quite good so far! I also want to thank Mihai Boangher, who inspired me to start this project. He also started his 365 project the same day I did, and you can check out his work on his blog:

See you tomorrow!


Day 30 – Whatcha doin?

Today I had a walk near the centre of Bucharest, on some back alleys. I found some interesting paintings on the walls and I started to take some pictures. While I was doing that, something touched my feet. When I looked closer, a curious cat was watching me. Very curious, stared at me a little while. I turned and took a snapshot and after that, the cat was long gone under a car.

Day 27 – Remember to smile

Back in the city craziness. After a long day of work, some friends invited me to a Jazz concert near the centre of the city. After I met with my girlfriend, we started to look for the place where the concert will be held. On the way there, we found a funny sign with a mile sprayed on it. So don’t forget, even if you are not allowed to drive through, don’t forget to smile!

Day 26 – Deserted

Yesterday was a long day filled with adventures. Even if the rain caught when we were riding our bikes, we managed to find a place to hide and we were able to continue our journey after the rains stopped. Today, unfortunately the weather forecast wasn’t so good and we decided that this is a no go for the bikes. Instead, we took the car and traveled to see the landscapes nearby. It’s safer with the car when the weather is not that predictable. We have arrived at Sirnea, a village near the mountains where many houses are very old, and very specific for that area. After we stopped, we continued our journey by foot. The surroundings were not populated and in all the gardens you could find something like wooden huts, used as animal shelters. Now the nicest part is that they are very nice positioned giving the land a very specific look and it looks like 100 years ago. For me this is better than any big city. You can’t beat that with the crowded cities. Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that they will be repaired by the people or if others will be build just like they were back in the days. They have become a piece of history that degrades as the day goes by.

See you!

Day 25 – A ride to the mountains

The day started early in the morning. At 8 a.m sharp we started our journey to my hometown, Campulung. We have arrived at noon to my grandmother where I keep my bike. After we managed to mount my bike on the car, we finally started to head to a big lake nearby where we left the car.There we equipped ourselves and started off road with the bikes. The fist destination was Cuca, the same cottage that I went 2 weeks ago. The advantage was that using the car, we will have more energy to go offroad. Being that said, the trip didn’t start very good because the rain started. Luckily we were close to the cottage and there we waited for the rain to stop. There we found some tourists, lot of sheep with their shepherds. Of course, I didn’t miss the chance to take a snapshot of them. After the rain stopped, we continued our trip to another places that took us all day.

The picture is edited with Snapseed, by applying various filters. The device used is the Galaxy S4. The screen is very good, and the phone was fast for processing.

See you tomorrow!