Day 61 – Let’s face the rain together

Today I was supposed to have a trip with a friend and our bikes to the mountains, but all my plans were screwed up because of the rain so I was forced to stay at home. Others, are forced to stay under the tree to cover from the rain like this two little pigeons.
See you tomorrow!


Day 60 – Street delivery

It’s some time since I attended a photo walk with a group and today I decided to join an association in Bucharest, which takes tours in various parts of the city and shoot everything in their path (pictures, not people of course 🙂 ). Today’s theme was Trains stations and railways so we met somewhere near the the railways in Bucharest. We had a one and a half hour walk crossing it and walking along. It was really interesting to see it from up close and with the purpose of photographing it, not just transportation. In the end we have arrived at the main train station in Bucharest and we stopped at the 14th platform where we had a little surprise. An event was happening there hosted by the Street Delivery NGO which is, I quote ” In each of the cities or neighbourhoods, a street is closed for the automobiles and open for the people, becoming a space for pedestrians to stroll and take part in various artistic, social, civic, enlightening activities”; nice. Many artist were there and showing off their work and of course, I was like on killing spree. Many interesting faces. A particular one was a girl having this interesting and expressive look through the window. She was in a wagon and talking with a friend outside. Hope you like it. Tomorrow I will have a little trip with my bike so I will keep you posted!


Day 59 – Defocus #1

Thought I try some defocus shots. This is a simple one, but I will add more pictures entitled defocus, just like “distorted reality”. As you guessed already, I set my lens on manual focus, and defocused it and this is what resulted.


Day 58 – Have a beer

Being back in town, I am forced to switch from landscape to urban photography. I still don’t have a setup to take a series with some well thought photos, but I hope someday soon I will be able to do that. Meanwhile, today I have discovered that there was a photographic event in town, something like a scavengers hunt. You have to go in several places and admire the photo expositions of various romanian photographers. The event is called the White night of photography. I visited many places and in one pub I came across a colleague from work who was having a beer. Of course I had one beer, one more and another one with him. We talked about our day to day life, our passions and many many subjects. It was really fun.

See you!

Day 57 – To the movies

Today I arrived in Bucharest after five days of travel. It was a really nice vacation and it was with it mostly with the “grand finale”, the yesterday’s storm. Being home, I quickly switched to city profile (sounds geekish) and I remembered that I really wanted to see the new Superman (“Man of steel”) movie. Of course, I had high expectations of it. On the special effects side it didn’t let me down, but in the artistic side I wish it had a better approach. Overall it was a good movie, I liked it and surely I will go to the next part. On the other side, my girlfriend didn’t like it so much, in fact she got bored quickly and it even made her sleep a little while watching it :)).

See you tomorrow!

Day 56 – After the rain

Long day today. After my girlfriend went to Bucharest since she is starting work tomorrow, I started heading back to my hometown. I still have one more day of vacation. Before going on the road, I looked at the surroundings on the map and I saw that there are some unexplored teritories by me in the area where I was passing by. More exactly Magura and Pestera, two villages that are very famous for their wild landscapes. So I headed towards them and of course the road quickly transformed into offroad. Firstly I have arrived at Magura and quicly after that to Pestera monastary, which is hidden in the mountains. There I took some pictures, even get up on a hill but I headed back to my car quickly because a huge storm was coming towards me. I continued my trip to the Pestera village which was several kilometers away. It started to rain and then the rain transformed in a heavy storm. The road was wet and muddy and I was forced to pull on the side and wait an hour for the storm to pass. The sun quickly showed up and suddenly the weather changed like there was no storm and I could continue my trip. On my way I stopped several times and discovered some really nice places for both photography and mountain biking. I will definetly come again and stay more than one day to have time to explore more. The time passed very quickly and the sun started to fade. My last stop was on the main road, where I spotted for that was raising up through the mountains. The colours were warm and dim and the atmosphere was clear. Grabbed my tripod, mounted my tele on the camera and started to shoot for like an hour or so. I have many versions of this sunset with the fog, but I can show you only one frame here on this blog post. Since I am at my old house, I have a bad computer (my old one, 7 years old) and I cannot use it properly for editing. So after I will arrive back to Bucharest where I have all my tools, I promice I will upload more photos to my photostream on flickr from today.
Have a good light!

Day 55 – Travel time again

The extended city break is almost over. My friends went home, but me and my girlfriend still have one more destination which is Poiana Brasov, the most famous mountain resort. On the way there, we stopped in Sighisoara an old city (actually a former citadel) famous for its architecture that remained untouched by the years. The stop was a short one, we had lunch and we waited for a big storm to pass that was heading towards us. The city definetly deserves more than one and a half hour of visiting but I am happy that I got the chance to take some pictures with some buildings there. Here you can see the entrance to the main citadel.