Day 91 – Blurred lines

Playing with DOF on my 50mm f1.4 lens. Really shallow mostly when you’re very close to the subject and also in 1.4. The good is that you can take pictures in low light, the bad is that if it’s not in focus the picture is ruined.

Day 88 – Outage #2

Second day in the mountains. Actually, this is the single day where me and a large group started to climb the mountains you see above. Since the ages varied from 9 years to 60+, some we separated and some of us actually managed to climb the mountain and the others walked at the base of it. Either way, the trip was amazing and we left with many nice memories.
I took the Nex with me since it’s lighter, but I intend to come and climb it with the heavy gear. Today was all about hiking the mountain.

See you!

Day 87 – Outage #1

Sorry guys but I went to a trip into the mountains. The good news is that there will be hiking involved but the downside is that no connection to the internet. So this means 3 days pause on my blog. Yes, I am writing this 3 days later than I was supposed to but all the pictures uploaded during this period are taken in the same day day appear, it’s just the internet connection didn’t allow me to update the blog.
Going back to the picture, it is taken in the “Piatra Craiului” mountains in the night from my room. I was a little nervous because I didn’t have the time to make sure I have the picture ready and also about the internet connection that I discovered that it isn’t available. The moon was very surreal and the clouds added to the effect.

Tripod, Canon 7D, 70-200 F4 gear involved.