Day 67 – Need some wings

Day 66 – Need some wings.

Today I finally had a serious trip with my mountain bike. Me and Mihai, a very good friend of mine went to Sinaia to climb up the Bucegi mountains (between 2000-2500m high). After a 2.5 h drive we arrived at 1400m where you can take the cable up to 2000m. We set up our bikes, and at 11 o’clock we were up in the mountains and the adventure begins. It started with a good old rain because it seems that this year all we have is rain. We were lucky that it didn’t last much and we had rain covers to protect us from the rain. We had a long way ahead of us, since we needed to get to Vf. Omu 2507m elevation, the highest peak in this area of the mountains and one of the tallest peaks in Romania. It was a 13 km one way trip and the road wasn’t easy. We arrived there after 3.5 hours after climbing very steep slopes both uphill and downhill. Many times we had to do it off bikes because it was very dangerous in some portions. Just before we arrived, another rain welcomed us, but now with hail. We raised the pace and arrived at the peak where a chalet is, so we had a place to stay to get worm and ear. After a good rest and with batteries recharged we started to head back. Since it was mostly downhill, it took us a little more than half of the time we needed to arrive to the car. We had many little adventure that I won’t mention right now but here is some learnings from today:

  • watch the weather like a hawk. Google Weather is the best, the other are useless. Accuweather or others are not accurate by far, mostly on uncommon places.
  • take risks, but don’t be stupid. We were lucky with just the rain showers, but in the mountains usually it’s a thing that you should take it very seriously. The rain forecast was accurate, we expected some rain showers. That’s why we didn’t head back and it was a good choice.. We could see that it won’t be a storm otherwise we wouldn’t continue. 
  • be very well equipped. We had rain covers, backup t-shirts, tools for the bike (mandatory), GPS., food, water, money and good bikes
  • double check you luggage so you won’t wake up without your sport shoes (yes, it happened but we solved it quickly by buying a new pair)

As for the today’s picture, since I knew that will be a very long trip and a hard one I decided to use the phone as a camera. It takes decent photos in good light so I decided to give it a try. The picture is taken at approximate 2300m elevation point and the Red Bull was needed for a last boost.

Tomorrow most of the day I will probably recover from today so see you then!


One comment on “Day 67 – Need some wings

  1. Calinescu says:

    That’s a redbull grenade in a 3D shooter, mate 🙂

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