Day 78 – Some things remain old

Found this car on a back alley in the neighbourhood. It was deserted but had this funny look with only one light intact and without its front bumper and car radiator.


Day 76 – Went to the grocery store

Yeah, went to buy some tomatoes. Since it was late and I was going to the grocery store, it was a good time to practice “hip photography”. I had only few shots, almost everybody went home and there were only few left in the market selling. Now I can see that I still need practice with framing and maybe a little more confidence when getting close to the people on the streets. Oh, I almost forgot. In few days I’ll be leaving for a trip to Barcelona and I am in a big dilemma. To bring the big guns or stick with the little one, the Nex5. Until now, the Nex is my favourite.
See you tomorrow!