Day 78 – Some things remain old

Found this car on a back alley in the neighbourhood. It was deserted but had this funny look with only one light intact and without its front bumper and car radiator.


Day 71 – Getaway

Day 71 - Getaway by Alexandru Georgescu
Day 71 – Getaway, a photo by Alexandru Georgescu on Flickr.

There is a park in Bucharest near a the office district where many people go to work. Often some of us are stopping by to relax from a hard work day and spend some quality time with people we care. As you guessed by now I am one of those people so until tomorrow, relax and put things in order.

Day 48 – Relax

Day 48 - Relax by Alexandru Georgescu
Day 48 – Relax, a photo by Alexandru Georgescu on Flickr.

Finally, the summer is here. Today was okay, but I expect the following days to get hotter and hotter. Some say it’s a good thing, but I am sure that I will want the rain back. And since I’m speaking about the summer well… the summer is the season of holidays and relaxation, just like this two folks in the picture. See you tomorow!