Day 173 – Almost finished


via Flickr SONY DSC


Day 66 – Deserted

This is how it’s like after a heavy storm hits Bucharest in the summer. Very deserted and empty. Also, since it was a short one and it’s in the summer, you can see that the water has evaporated quickly.

See you tomorrow!

Day 48 – Relax

Day 48 - Relax by Alexandru Georgescu
Day 48 – Relax, a photo by Alexandru Georgescu on Flickr.

Finally, the summer is here. Today was okay, but I expect the following days to get hotter and hotter. Some say it’s a good thing, but I am sure that I will want the rain back. And since I’m speaking about the summer well… the summer is the season of holidays and relaxation, just like this two folks in the picture. See you tomorow!

Day 47 – Con cep tu al

Thought to experiment with some simple elements in the picture and a dull background. You can have a conceptual approach while studying this and I won’t give you any hints. It’s your choice about what you will think of this photo.I thought I could post here another landscape photograph since today I had another walk in nature but I thought that today should be more challenging. C U!

Day 43 – We all age sometime

Time passes by so fast around us that you don’t realise when you got so old. Maybe I am a little nostalgic since in two weeks I will be 27 and boy… this is a long time. Speaking of time, today I wanted to do more street photography and of course I couldn’t find any subject that pleased me. So I decided to sit on a bench near a fountain downtown and observed the people passing by. I spend almost an hour or so having my camera on my lap and pressed the shutter from time to time when I considered to do so. Almost every frame that I took wasn’t good enough until an old man stopped near the fountain. He looked tired and sad and just by looking on his face expression you could see his story. And this was the moment when I shot the 43.

See you tomorrow!