Day 45 – Storm is coming

As I mentioned in my previous posts, this was a really long rainy season and today was not different. Today was a team building event in my company and we decided to go near Bucharest on a lakeside (Snagov) and have a picnic there. Me and two other colleagues brought our bikes to take a tour around the lake. The weather was promising and we started our journey around the lake but at some point we arrived on a more opened space near on bridge. Then we saw the rain clouds and that was the moment when we decided to go back. It was an inspired move because as soon as we got back it started to rain.
Tomorrow I hope I get to my hometown and maybe come back with some landscape shots but again, all depends on the weather.

See you!


Day 44 – Don Juan

I chose this title because… you can see for yourselves. There he is, sitting on the window watching the “infidels” passing by his mansion.

Cheers he says to all of you!

Day 26 – Deserted

Yesterday was a long day filled with adventures. Even if the rain caught when we were riding our bikes, we managed to find a place to hide and we were able to continue our journey after the rains stopped. Today, unfortunately the weather forecast wasn’t so good and we decided that this is a no go for the bikes. Instead, we took the car and traveled to see the landscapes nearby. It’s safer with the car when the weather is not that predictable. We have arrived at Sirnea, a village near the mountains where many houses are very old, and very specific for that area. After we stopped, we continued our journey by foot. The surroundings were not populated and in all the gardens you could find something like wooden huts, used as animal shelters. Now the nicest part is that they are very nice positioned giving the land a very specific look and it looks like 100 years ago. For me this is better than any big city. You can’t beat that with the crowded cities. Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that they will be repaired by the people or if others will be build just like they were back in the days. They have become a piece of history that degrades as the day goes by.

See you!