Day 133 – Scrambled

133 days and counting. It got in my system. I’m still sad that the project isn’t going exactly in the direction I wanted it to be, but it’s not far. I have some personal things that I have to take car of and they need a lot of time to be taken care of so I had to prioritise.
Today, when I was preparing for getting home this red light hit my eyes. It was the sun setting and it was reflected from the other building. The light was so warm that I had to take the shot. It’s just another way to look at the sunset.
Nite nite!


Day 78 – Some things remain old

Found this car on a back alley in the neighbourhood. It was deserted but had this funny look with only one light intact and without its front bumper and car radiator.

Day 70 – Need order in chaos

I was thinking of how should I entitle the today’s picture and I think I finally found it. “Need order in chaos” is a general argument but is very related to this picture. For example, for some time now I am struggling on making order into the chaos at work and I finally found a way that started to work for me and I could see results quickly. I started to plan ahead every task that I have for the next one-two days and seeing them listed on paper makes me focus more on the only task that I am supposed to do. That being said, going off track so often when someone interrupts me started to disappear. This attention let’s call it like this can be exemplified in photography simple by having a fast lens like this one, a 50mm f1.4. Setting it wide open to f2.2 isolates the subject from the background. This represents very well the isolation rule that says the following: “The more a shape is detached from the background the more it will be well perceived”.