Day 77 – Not so many stripes

Sometimes you just put your headphones and the only thing you want to do is just walk and let the time pass by. See you tomorrow!


Day 72 – Defocus #2

This is my second take on the defocus series. It’s a bridge, and lightning poles with their reflections on the river. See you tomorrow! 🙂

Day 66 – Deserted

This is how it’s like after a heavy storm hits Bucharest in the summer. Very deserted and empty. Also, since it was a short one and it’s in the summer, you can see that the water has evaporated quickly.

See you tomorrow!

Day 58 – Have a beer

Being back in town, I am forced to switch from landscape to urban photography. I still don’t have a setup to take a series with some well thought photos, but I hope someday soon I will be able to do that. Meanwhile, today I have discovered that there was a photographic event in town, something like a scavengers hunt. You have to go in several places and admire the photo expositions of various romanian photographers. The event is called the White night of photography. I visited many places and in one pub I came across a colleague from work who was having a beer. Of course I had one beer, one more and another one with him. We talked about our day to day life, our passions and many many subjects. It was really fun.

See you!

Day 53 – On the stage

After yesterday’s trip, I took a long deserved good nap and then headed to Banffy Castle (since 1500’s) where the festival is located. The lineup for this festival has some of the well known artists in electronic music. The crowd was ecstatic until the early hours in the morning.

See you tomorrow! I still have 2 nights ahead full of concerts!

Day 48 – Relax

Day 48 - Relax by Alexandru Georgescu
Day 48 – Relax, a photo by Alexandru Georgescu on Flickr.

Finally, the summer is here. Today was okay, but I expect the following days to get hotter and hotter. Some say it’s a good thing, but I am sure that I will want the rain back. And since I’m speaking about the summer well… the summer is the season of holidays and relaxation, just like this two folks in the picture. See you tomorow!