Day 121 – Long exposure

Playing with long exposures can be fun. I didn’t have the tripod with me since I was on my way from work, but the walls can be used as tripods too in case of emergency.

Good night!


Day 77 – Not so many stripes

Sometimes you just put your headphones and the only thing you want to do is just walk and let the time pass by. See you tomorrow!

Day 76 – Went to the grocery store

Yeah, went to buy some tomatoes. Since it was late and I was going to the grocery store, it was a good time to practice “hip photography”. I had only few shots, almost everybody went home and there were only few left in the market selling. Now I can see that I still need practice with framing and maybe a little more confidence when getting close to the people on the streets. Oh, I almost forgot. In few days I’ll be leaving for a trip to Barcelona and I am in a big dilemma. To bring the big guns or stick with the little one, the Nex5. Until now, the Nex is my favourite.
See you tomorrow!

Day 36 – Follow the lines

I snapped this photo on a late walk in the city. The streets weren’t crowded, but once in a while you can see cyclists speeding on the road. Oh, and if you don’t know where you’re heading, just follow the lines. They should lead you somewhere.

Nite nite!

Day 22 – Rush hour at midnight

Today I was at a conference about leadership. Many successful people talked and challenged us with big ideas about leadership. There were many things that I noted down and I can say that every speaker managed to make his point in a creative way and to reach the audience.
The conference finished late and I stayed until it finished. Since I didn’t bring my camera with me I had to go home, grab my camera and decided to go for a late night walk to take the today’s photo. I arrived at a big intersection near my university’s campus. Even it was very late, many cars were still passing by so I took some long exposure photographs to capture the trafiic at night.


Day 14 – Off the job

Today was a very long day at work. Some of our colleagues from abroad came over and after the working hours we headed to the Old Town to have a team dinner. After it got late, one by one of us started to head home. Since I was in the old city, I took the opportunity to put my camera into action. This street performer fellow got my attention since I remember him from the last years working on the street, entertaining people. The difference between him and us is that his workplace and his “going out place” are actually the same place, the Old Town and he seems to be happy and have fun here.

See you tomorrow!

Day 8 – The hidden ghost

Today was a busy day, and late in the night I managed to get some free time for my photo. Since was late and night, oh well a night shot should do it. Told my dad about my idea, and he suggested to photograph a beautiful church on top of a hill nearby. I grabbed my tripod and my other gear, and drove to that church. It was nice because the church had some spotlights that were lightning it up. It was a little at first, but since I started to shoot, I concentrated more on the frames I wanted to take. I spotted a chouette who was sitting on the top of the church. Unfortunately I didn’t have my tele lens on, and it flew away. Hope next time I’ll be more lucky. Me and my dad stayed a little while there, and I managed to play with the light and the surroundings. In the today’s picture you can see an interesting light that was coming from behind of the graves, but if you look closer, on the right of the picture there is a silhouette of a man from behind that looks like a ghost or something related. I didn’t notice it when I took the picture, but when I opened it on my computer and seeing it freaked me out a little because I couldn’t tell if it’s a ghost or a statue. I quickly browsed my other pictures from the same area, and I could see it again. So luckily, it was a statue, not a ghost.

Hope you liked my little scary story. See you tomorrow!