Day 43 – We all age sometime

Time passes by so fast around us that you don’t realise when you got so old. Maybe I am a little nostalgic since in two weeks I will be 27 and boy… this is a long time. Speaking of time, today I wanted to do more street photography and of course I couldn’t find any subject that pleased me. So I decided to sit on a bench near a fountain downtown and observed the people passing by. I spend almost an hour or so having my camera on my lap and pressed the shutter from time to time when I considered to do so. Almost every frame that I took wasn’t good enough until an old man stopped near the fountain. He looked tired and sad and just by looking on his face expression you could see his story. And this was the moment when I shot the 43.

See you tomorrow!


Day 14 – Off the job

Today was a very long day at work. Some of our colleagues from abroad came over and after the working hours we headed to the Old Town to have a team dinner. After it got late, one by one of us started to head home. Since I was in the old city, I took the opportunity to put my camera into action. This street performer fellow got my attention since I remember him from the last years working on the street, entertaining people. The difference between him and us is that his workplace and his “going out place” are actually the same place, the Old Town and he seems to be happy and have fun here.

See you tomorrow!