Day 48 – Relax

Day 48 - Relax by Alexandru Georgescu
Day 48 – Relax, a photo by Alexandru Georgescu on Flickr.

Finally, the summer is here. Today was okay, but I expect the following days to get hotter and hotter. Some say it’s a good thing, but I am sure that I will want the rain back. And since I’m speaking about the summer well… the summer is the season of holidays and relaxation, just like this two folks in the picture. See you tomorow!


Day 34 – Reflections of the past

This week started with rain and it seems that it will end again with rain. But in the afternoon, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Today I stopped near the “Memorial of rebirth” according to google translate. It is a monument for the people who died in the 1989 revolution who freed us from comunism. It’s architecture is a little odd and most people compare it with a potato. Since it rained, many ponds appeared and I could play with reflections. So here it is, day 34.

See you on 35!

Day 27 – Remember to smile

Back in the city craziness. After a long day of work, some friends invited me to a Jazz concert near the centre of the city. After I met with my girlfriend, we started to look for the place where the concert will be held. On the way there, we found a funny sign with a mile sprayed on it. So don’t forget, even if you are not allowed to drive through, don’t forget to smile!

Day 16 – Time warp

I usually take the subway from work to home, but today was a special case when my colleague Mihai offered a ride home. On the way home, we used a bridge to cross the town quicker. Since the speed limit there is higher, the camera caught a nice tunnel effect of the bridge.

See you tomorrow!

Day 14 – Off the job

Today was a very long day at work. Some of our colleagues from abroad came over and after the working hours we headed to the Old Town to have a team dinner. After it got late, one by one of us started to head home. Since I was in the old city, I took the opportunity to put my camera into action. This street performer fellow got my attention since I remember him from the last years working on the street, entertaining people. The difference between him and us is that his workplace and his “going out place” are actually the same place, the Old Town and he seems to be happy and have fun here.

See you tomorrow!