Day 133 – Scrambled

133 days and counting. It got in my system. I’m still sad that the project isn’t going exactly in the direction I wanted it to be, but it’s not far. I have some personal things that I have to take car of and they need a lot of time to be taken care of so I had to prioritise.
Today, when I was preparing for getting home this red light hit my eyes. It was the sun setting and it was reflected from the other building. The light was so warm that I had to take the shot. It’s just another way to look at the sunset.
Nite nite!


Day 46 – Deep forest

I started to write this blog post but I really don’t know what picture to choose for today. So to get you updated, today I went back to my hometown and then explored some mountains nearby with my family. The road we choose was a known one from my childhood so it was very nice to see it again. We didnt climb much but we walked a while in the woods which was very nice. I got plenty of time to take some landscape pictures and the forest helped a lot with the subjects. Of course the rain caught us but we were lucky because it actually was was a little shower. This place definitely convinced me to come back in the next few weeks with my bike and my friends. Today was a really nice relaxing day and tomorrow I don’t know where I will wonder but I know that later I will head back to Bucharest. So see you the next day!

Day 5 – After the rain

day - 005 by Alexandru Georgescu
day – 005, a photo by Alexandru Georgescu on Flickr.

Today was a rainy day. Since I had to go back to the countryside for family reasons, I spent most of the time in the house. Luckily, in the evening the rain stopped, the sun appeared between the clouds and over the hills the fog started to raise. The view was beautiful and the air smelled nice and clean.

See you tomorrow!